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Welcome to The Club! We offer a range of health and fitness activities for both children and adults at a price that won’t break the bank.

Whether you have trained before, or are a complete newbie, The Club provides a friendly and non-threatening exercise environment. Our goal is to help you obtain real and lasting fitness results – whether it is through a traditional gym workout; our martial arts programme; our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy or our fitness classes.

Working under the guidance of our highly qualified staff you will soon begin to feel and see real changes in your body as you trim pounds, tone up, and generally feel more energised and alive!

So, whether you want to…..

  • Lose Some Weight And Tone Up
  • Feel Fitter And Have More Energy
  • Improve Your Strength And Coordination
  • Improve Your Nutrition
  • Take Exciting Fitness Classes
  • Study Martial Arts For Self-Defence And Confidence

…….the Club can help you succeed! Contact us now – complete the form on the right to receive your FREE PASS.