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Junior Martial Arts Programme 6yrs +

The Martial Arts are a superb activity for children offering many values and positive character traits not always found in more “traditional” sports. Built around the concept of “Respect”, there is a lot more to learn than just mastering a few punches or kicks.

At the Academy we teach the martial arts as a complete discipline of mind and body. Central to our work is the Black Belt Success System.

The Black Belt is an extremely important achievement in the martial arts. It represents more than simply a physical skill. It is a symbol of maturity, experience, alertness, and knowledge. We use that philosophy throughout the school and it is our goal to help each one of our students achieve ‘Black Belt Excellence’ in every area of their lives.


The martial arts are truly a wonderful activity for developing both children and young adults. With the emphasis on discipline and courtesy, we help our students to develop self-confidence and character by providing the necessary skills to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.

Your first class is free so come along and see why so many parents have trusted the The Academy with their children’s martial and personal development.