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Get Fit And Tone Up

Traditionally, exercising in a gym can be a lonely past time! You go in, use the equipment, and leave again, often without being spoken to at all! This should never happen at The Club! As you interact with our staff and meet other members, bonds and friendships develop and it is these that help you to come back time after time.

Our equipment is extremely easy to use which is important for new members or those who have never been in a fitness environment before!

The great thing is that you only need 2 – 3 sixty minute sessions a week to achieve amazing results.These sessions will help anyone, at any fitness level, to build lean muscle (tone up), lose more centimetres, and burn more calories while adding flexibility and mobility. Put simply, you will be able to lose those wobbly bits and get those curves and shapes back in all the right places!


With regular progress checks along the way you will really see and feel how your training is leading to a healthier and fitter YOU! And, if you’re thinking “I don’t do gyms!” then do not worry – most of our current members had never been inside a fitness centre before either! In fact, we pride ourselves on being “The Gym For People Who Don’t Do Gyms”!