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Strength And Power

Many people misunderstand the purpose of body building. It’s much more than just gaining huge muscles and becoming extremely strong – although that is of course part of it.


Real body building is a life choice that has many aspects to it. Learning the basic principles of bodybuilding with us can help you to get on the right program and achieve the body of your dreams. Not only do you need to learn the correct and safe way to use free weights but you will need to have the best diet and supplement advice available.

When you start a rigorous schedule of bodybuilding routines, your body becomes tired and needs to be replenished. The only way it can be properly replenished is by a well balanced nutritional diet. Without a healthy diet, any muscle mass you have achieved, you will soon lose.

At The Club you will find a wealth of support and advice from the staff and other members. There is a real camaraderie that exists amongst our free weight users and that helps to produce a great atmosphere in the centre.

With one of the biggest dedicated free-weights areas in the area, a wealth of advice and training, and a great range of supplements, come and see why The Club is everyone’s favourite place to be.

Body Building is not Rocket Science:

Excellent Nutrition + Correct Training + Consistent Approach Equals…..

……A Body Like This!